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The High Speed Heterogeneous Computing Laboratory (HSHCL) is the Department of Mechanical Engineering's only laboratory with a combined focus on numerical analysis for engineering and science problems and the use of parallel computing with cutting edge computational architectures. Here, we are engaged with the complete design cycle for high performance engineering analysis tools - from the mathematical background, testing, parallel programming to execution on large scale HPC systems.
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News, Updates and Events

[EVENT] 30th March, 2016: Prof. Matthew Smith will host a workshop titled "Engineering and Scientific Computing using Next-Generation Parallel Computing Architecture" to be held in HsinChu at the NCHC from the 25th to the 27th of May, 2016. Check out our event page.

[NEWS]: 20th March, 2016: Dear students: We are renewing our efforts in working towards integration of computer vision with drones and quad-copters for autonomous flight. Interested? Write me an email to join the fun: msmith@mail.ncku.edu.tw.

[NEWS]: 1st March, 2016: Our Parallel Programming Tutorials page has been updated. with several new tutorials, including an MPI + GPU tutorial. Why not go check it out?